Employment and Labour Law Blog: Fire Bargaining - New Legislation in Ontario - What makes sense?

The next round of labour negotiations in the municipal fire sector in Ontario has begun.  The agreements run on calendar years.  These activities will be the first under the new labour disputes changes legislated by the Ford government late last year.  Both parties need to decide soon whether or not the new rules will alter the way they wish to approach the table

Employment and Labour Law Blog: Bill 148: Ontario Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Act:  A Cheat Sheet.

The following highlights and summarizes the most significant amendments to the Employment Standards Act.   This paper provides a summary of the legislation only and should not be relied upon as a complete review of the statute.  Nothing in this paper constitutes legal advice.  For further assistance, please contact one of the Dunsmore Law lawyers.

Employment and Labour Law Blog: Occupational Health and Safety – Privilege

Protecting Employers

All employers have a statutory duty always to do everything reasonable in the workplace to protect the safety of their employees. This includes being aware of the hazards on the job, preparing proper manuals and programs to train everyone how to work safely, implementing the training, ensuring employee competence and vigilantly monitoring day to day activities.  A well-organized comprehensive plan properly pursued will meet the legislated standard for employee safety.