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Who We Are

We are dedicated labour and employment lawyers committed to finding positive solutions to your workplace concerns. The expertise of Dunsmore Law encompasses all areas of workplace activity.

We assist parties on both sides of the employment relationship. It is because we provide legal services to employers and employees that we have a unique perspective which allows us to provide legal advice that makes employee and labour relations sense for companies, and assists employees in resolving workplace issues. Our perspective brings balance to the table. We create optimal solutions. To do this, we often use industry experts who are not lawyers to add perspective, control costs and keep us on the right track to the best solution.

What We Do

We provide excellent legal services in all matters related to employment, evident from our proven track record in getting achieving excellent results for our clients. If you are a company we help you with workplace management matters such as reorganizations, terminations, labour relations, collective bargaining, wrongful dismissal actions, human rights and occupational health and safety. If you are an employee we can help you resolve workplace harassment issues, wrongful dismissal claims, human rights matters and strategic issues related to your employment. We are great coaches allowing some clients to speak for themselves. For others, we can be tough as nails. You decide.

Why We Are Good At What We Do

We have more than 50 years of combined legal experience in human resource matters. We are proactive in resolving problems. We use our expertise, having acted for both employers and employees alike, to leverage pragmatic and reasonable solutions. We have learned positive relations between employers and unions, and employers and employees are the best way to optimize the workplace. We work with our clients to achieve that goal.

We promote problem identification to encourage early consultation. Our strategic approach to legal issues allows our clients to determine the best possible alternatives to make a sensible plan of action. We work with our clients to design and execute their strategic agenda.

But, if necessary, we fight. Sometimes a good tussle is the right way to go. Everything is strategic. We are constantly thinking on your behalf. Using our industry experts makes us better tacticians. We see all sides.

All of our lawyers have litigation experience before the courts, labour arbitrators and administrative tribunals. We will protect your interests.

What really makes us good at what we do is that we listen. We care about our client's success.

The best defense is a good offense.
— Vince Lombardi

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