Brian Sartorelli

President/CEO at Investigative Risk Management

Brian Sartorelli.jpg

Mr. Sartorelli has enjoyed an extensive career providing consultative and advisory risk management and investigative services to Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally.  He has managed major investigations including billion-dollar matters and multi-million-dollar civil litigations for both the legal and insurance industries. 

Brian developed his expertise through a career in law enforcement with the Department of National Defense, specializing in drug enforcement, undercover operations, and criminal investigations. His career involved major crime and joint forces operations with all three levels of law enforcement agencies.  He helps Dunsmore Law clients with fact verification. 

Brian's analytical expertise ensures the completeness and professionalism of complex investigations.  He utilizes major case management principles. His involvement and standing in the investigative and risk management community is prestigious. Brian is a recognized speaking professional and has been the keynote presenter at national and international industry events.  He designs and delivers seminars to a wide range of industry sectors providing tactical and strategic advice to businesses within his area of investigative specialization. We use him to train employers to control attendance and reduce fraud. 

Brian has developed and provided the pragmatic solution; The IRM Solution, his company. You may refer to his website His office number is (705) 503-5544. 

IRM provides clients in all industries with innovative, business-oriented solutions to manage risk and deal with crises.   The IRM Solution provides a seamless, interconnected personal service, blending both the physical and digital worlds. Dunsmore Law retains Brian as an expert to advise on investigative practices.  If a client wants to find all the facts, Brian and IRM Solution are the proven answer. 

Our clients have been well served by his contributions.