Lorna Proulx

Human Resources Consultant


Lorna Proulx has been a Human Resources practitioner for over 30 years, working in the municipal field primarily. Now, she consults.  Lorna has been involved in all aspects of employment and labour relations with particular focus on the interpretation and administration of collective agreements and their negotiation with unions. Lorna has conducted numerous sets of bargaining primarily with CUPE and the Ontario Fire Fighter’s Association and its locals. She has been involved in the full range of activities from basic preparation to table talk and strike planning. She has been the primary resource and corporate witness for a variety of rights arbitrations. She also has several interest arbitrations with the fire union in her extensive resume. 

Over the years, Lorna has grappled with many disciplinary and attendance related issues. She  also has advised respecting Human Rights issues and applied the accommodation principles so important to proper compliance.

Lorna also creates and conducts training sessions for all levels of staff. Her sessions include new supervisor training, collective agreement administration, attendance management and respectful workplace training.

Like all human resource practitioners who have been involved with union issues, Lorna has applied her skills to the non-unionized sector too. Essentially, she can step into any organization and provide them first class practical advice. Sometimes, clients find this service changes the need for legal assistance because the work place problems are addressed sooner. This is always a good thing!